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I got curious about this question when reading the comments Mathew Ingram’s recent post on social networks and uptime. Mathew noted the curious case of Twitter, which is the social network “that everyone wants to use” despite it’s near-legendary struggles with downtime last year. Another commenter asserted that Imeem was actually more popular than Twitter (really? hmmm, maybe that comment was planted by Imeem).

Anyhow, this got me thinking about ways of measuring popularity. I could have easily just looked up traffic stats for social networks on compete.com, but that’s too straightforward.

Instead, I turned to my favorite quick-and-dirty buzz tracker – Neilsen’s BlogPulse. After all, a reasonable way to measure something’s popularity is to look at how much it’s being talked about. Tracking blogosphere mentions of social networks also removes the bias inherent in tracking mentions on the social networks themselves.

So I punched a few keywords into BlogPulse. Here’s their track of blogosphere mentions of Twitter, Facebook and MySpace over the last 2 months:

Facebook still gets more mentions than Twitter

Facebook still gets more mentions than Twitter, MySpace getting less attention

Facebook’s recent spike no doubt due to the terms of service kerfuffle. Funny, the Facebook and Twitter lines seem to rise and fall in lockstep with each other — I guess there’s a lot of posts out there comparing these two. (Like this one.) And it looks like people have pretty much stopped talking about MySpace in the last few weeks, despite healthy chatter before Xmas.

Here’s another one, to test that assertion about Imeem in comparison with attention hogs Facebook and Twitter.

Imeem? Did somebody mention Imeem?

Imeem? Did somebody mention Imeem?

Ha ha, looks like almost nobody at all is talking about Imeem. I guess bloggers don’t like music or something.


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Last August, I posted on the growth of the Internet as a key source for news, based on research being undertaken by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press in the United States.

This morning, I was pointed to updated research from Pew, released just before Xmas (hat tip eMarketer).

Pew Research Center for the People and the Press

Source: Pew Research Center for the People and the Press

This graph vividly demonstrates the dramatic growth of Internet news. That jump from ’07 to ’08 is really stunning.

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Well doesn’t that sound like a statement of the obvious.

Note to self: keep this in yer back pocket for responding to people who don’t believe that the Internet is an important source for news.

Pew Research Center

Source: Pew Research Center's Biennial News Consumption Survey

Lookit that – online news, at 37%, is running pretty much in the same league as the traditional sources, whether cable TV, radio or the paper. And the growth trend for online news consumption is quite stunning – the 2010 edition of this survey will be quite interesting I think.

I know, I know – These numbers are American. But my bet is that Canadian numbers would be similar.

There’s tons more gory detail in the full report.

(h/t iketches)

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