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Just stumbled across this nifty hack by Dave Briggs over in the UK: Public Sector Bloggers

It’s a bascially a bunch of UK public sector blogs syndicated in one spot. As Dave himself explained:

I’ve been wrestling with how to bring together and publicise the bloggers who have always been around, and those who are springing up following the publication of the guidelines. [Note: these are the guidelines he’s talking about]

So, I have started hacking together http://publicsectorblogs.org/ which takes a bunch of feeds, bungs them into one using Yahoo! Pipes and then republishes them on one page using SimplePie. Sophisticated it ain’t.

Something we oughta do here in Ottawa.  Or maybe it’s been done already and I’m out to lunch. If it hasn’t I’ll try patching something together. Any ideas for a domain name?


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