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This blog is pretty drab ain’t it?

I’m gonna try to overcome that by using this formula:

Flickr + Creative Commons = Images (that are better than my posts LOL).

I’ve noticed how lotsa folks snag great shots from Flickr and post them on their blogs. But how to find decent shots without going crazy trying to sift through more than 2 billion images? (That mind-boggling number according to Flickr’s community manager Heather Champ — h/t Brian Oberkirch.)

So, a little poking around on the internets and I found this handy handy tutorial on how to do it.

Here’s the coles notes version of the tutorial: Go to the Creative Commons “Attribution license” search page on Flickr. You can snag photos under this CC license and use them at will — all you need to do is credit the source by linking back to their Flickr profile.

Nice work also by Flickr to enable the community to easily do this kind of thing.

Time to get visual:

Is a Flickr image good if its thumbnail isn’t?

(Photo: kevindooley)

Found this via an attribution license search on “get visual.” Interesing shot. Plus the photographer talks about Marshall McLuhan in his comments on the photo. Good enough for me!


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